New Video Series From Author And TV Personality Michael Reese Reveals
Why High Income Investors Are Turning To Annuities As Their Investment Vehicle Of Choice And Finally Ditching The High Risks That Come From Wall Street!

Hi, my name is Michael Reese and for the past 18+ years I have been helping retirees and pre-retirees to protect their retirement so they are able to keep more of their hard-earned savings and ensure they have enough money to last for their retirement.

I am also the producer and host of the Retiring Well TV Show and the Best-Selling Author of the books The Retirement Lie: Why Traditional Retirement Planning Benefits The IRS More Than You along with The Success Secret, which I co-authored with Chicken Soup For The Soul creator Jack Canfield.

My retirement messages have been seen on ABCNBCCBS and FOX affiliates across the country and I have personally helped hundreds of clients to create income for life in their retirement using annuities. 

Today I am here to set the record straight.

There is just so much information out there today that it becomes increasingly harder and harder to know what to do with your portfolio. Everyday we hear about retirees who have lost everything in the market and not being able to keep up with rising prices on everything from gas to housing to everyday items at the grocery store. 

I just couldn’t let another day go by without doing something about this! And today, my mission becomes your retirement rescue. You see, I have just recorded a brand new video training series that finally breaks down the misconceptions about annuities and how they can help you to avoid all of the issues I just mentioned above. 

This video series is free for you. All I ask is that you enter your name and email address so I can be sure to know where to send the free videos and who to send it to. 

I look forward to shedding the light on the truths about your retirement and how they be able to assist you with your retirement goals.


Michael Reese

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